Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We're Screwed!

There's a King of Fools coronation going on in Cleveland this week; and a surfeit of Trump criticisms is coming from the running dog Washington Post and other political journals. Not that his orangeness doesn't deserve criticism. They're beating him like a rented mule!

And next week Hillary will receive her coronation in Philadelphia with hosannas being flung around like turds in a cow pasture. How did we manage to wind up with these two jokers?

And Trump's running mate: One Pence None the Derper.

Not that Alabama is any blissful font of wisdom Our Luv Guv is rendered with little influence except patting bottoms in a gubernatorial fashion, our House Speaker has been ousted in disgrace, a seemly unseemliness has settled over Goat Hill, and Chief Justice Moore has been removed twice from the court. Hopefully, two strikes is enough. 

And we're into the summer heat. 


  1. I can't watch any of this BS. Bloviation to the max. I don't even like the yearly state of the union. To many phony smiles.

  2. Once Pence None the Derper - I like that!