Thursday, February 11, 2016

High-End and Low-End Valentine's Day Gifts in States

Valentine's Day is a major occasion for gift-giving. Let's look at what sorts of gifts by state that are most often googled more frequently than the other 49 states,

Some sound so romantic; others sound just kinky:

Gee, California googled couples pajamas more than the other states, while flower bouquets were googled in North Dakota. New Yorkers have a taste for romantic hotel stays, and Bama likes Lord Byron!

Kentuckians go in for couples' tattoos, Texans for plus-size lingerie, and Tennesseeans go in strongly for cheap sex toys! Hickeys are popular with junior high students and New Mexicans!

Oklahomans like boudoir photographs!


  1. Hallmark Cards for Missouri! Five bucks and done!

  2. Everything is bigger in Texas. Cheap sex tops in Tenn. how low rent can you go?

  3. Plus size lingerie, sex toys and cheap sex toys!
    Too funny.