Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Not Just Petty; Pure Chickenshit!

I know high school is about rules' sometimes rules up the wazzo.   Yes, I was a product of a north Alabama high school.  Yes, the assistant principal was a dick: a real schmuck, as the Yiddish speakers would say.  

But the Olympic class of pettiness came from Los Angeles, where the Narbonne High School girls' Gauchos basketball team was originally kicked out of an end of season tournament because the team wore jerseys with pink lettering and numerals.  Why did they do so?  For breast cancer awareness!  No, they weren't wearing I (heart) boobies wristbands that some people get riled about.  I thought, naively, that breast cancer awareness was as uncontroversial as hell!  

Well, they relented on the team's penalty; but Coach Victoria Sanders was suspended from coaching for the rest of the season.  So much for teaching character building in the players.