Monday, July 7, 2014

Should Alabama Legalize Marijuana?

A recent poll on had the interesting result that a majority of the Alabamians polled were in favor of legalizing marijuana.

My guess is that this majority would be overrepresented in the  "wet" counties, and underrepresented in the "dry" counties.

Some other points of interest:

1.  Republicans were 61% of those polled; Democrats 39%.

2.  A simple majority reported using marijuana at one time; but most were not present users.

3.  Many (65%) of the people polled saw it as a convenient "sin tax" or source of revenue.

4.  Although medical marijuana usage was never brought before the legislature, about 10% could see it as a possibility.

5.  Only 10% were completely opposed to marijuana being legalized.

So, will some brave soul in the Legislature go out on a limb and draft a bill?   It would take big balls, or big boobs, to do it.

Don't bogart that joint, my friend.


  1. They see it as a way for the state to operate without resulting in higher taxes for them personally.

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