Friday, March 28, 2014

Admiral Jeremiah Denton, R.I.P.

Today Alabama lost a true hero.

Admiral Jeremiah Denton, at 89, has passed away.

He was noted for this service in the Viet Nam War, and for being a prisoner of war for 7-1/2 years.  During a taped interview, he eyeblinked "torture" to inform Americans of conditions in the Hanoi Hilton.

After returning to the states, he retired from the Navy, and had brief service as one of the Senators from Alabama, 1980-1986.

Rest easy, Admiral Denton!  Your service is appreciated!


  1. He sounded like a man who would not give up; who was courageous.

  2. He was a bona fide American hero. Admiral Denton, smooth sailing.

  3. He represented Alabama in the Senate well.