Thursday, August 15, 2013

Presidential Prospects for 2016

Well, Barack Obama is re-inugarated and will be in office until January, 2017, barring any unforseen event.  And, frankly, I hope we can lurch along okayish until then and in the future.

Because a President is limited to two full terms, there's going to be a new guy or gal in the White House in 2017.

Right now, the prospects are dim, to say the least.  And I'm also alluding to the apparent cognitive abilities of the Republicans and Democrats bruited around.

Right now, the Democrats that are most often mentioned are Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.  Is this the best that the Democrats can do?  The untrustworthy or the dumbass?  Maybe Jerry Brown of California can be persuaded to run; escaping from that fiscal morass that is California?   Actually, evidence that a person would run for Governor in that state persuades me that he must wear a hair shirt or endure other mortifications.

But, please, anyone but John Kerry!

As for the Republicans, we have a comic parade parallel to the Democrats, but with more players.  Right now, they're talking about Rick Santorum or Ryan Paul the most.  And possibly Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.  Hopefully, the Republicans will not be THAT insane as to actively consider Donald Trump!  Jeb Bush?  Not likely.  Too much of a drag factor from his brother.  Of the other governors out there, only Louisiana's Bobby Jindal seems credible as a possible nominee; but I would sooner bet of the University of Kentucky winning the Southeastern Conference Championship than that happening.  

[My take on that right now: look for Alabama and Georgia to play in the Championship Game.]

Governor Bennett of Alabama?  No way, José. 

We need a third party in the worst way!  The Democrats and Republicans would not know Presidential potential if it bit them in the butt!


  1. 'We need a third party in the worst way!'

    And a way to make a third party relevant.

  2. Both political parties just can't seem to get it at all.

  3. I'm afraid we're stuck with the 2 party system due to inertia.