Monday, May 20, 2013

Eric Holder Walks the Line

Little Snookums Eric Holder, Attorney General Extraordinaire, has dismissed the idea of prosecuting journalists as 'just plain nuts."

Do we have some macademia nuts, like those in those in-room refridgerators in high-level hotels that are an exception?

What is that shiny trail he leaves as he goes?

Johnny Cash tells us how to walk lines right:


  1. Maybe he should have just said, "Hey, we're not very busy at the DOJ and we're just nosey. Hoping for a nice, juicy sex scandal from a new group."

  2. I think that the Obama administration has been playing fast and loose lately, and him and the I.R.S. chief are supposed to fall grandly on their wooden swords.

  3. The A.G. doth protest a bit too much.

  4. Kind of rough on him, Elvis?