Monday, December 10, 2012

Being Specific When Asked, "What's the Poop"?

It seems that there is a formal scale for assessing stool quality: the Bristol Stool Chart.  It's very useful, but amazing.

I wonder if this would affect people frm Bristol, TN, or those named Bristol?


  1. How much trouble are you in if your poops not on the chart?

  2. Why do they call them stools, anyway?

    And are the people in Bristol, Tennessee that obsessive-compulsive about their defecations?

  3. I've had a copy of this chart in my Blog Fodder file for a while, trying to figure out a clever way to use it in a post. Looks like you beat me to it! And Heidi, thanks to you, I'll never think about a bar stool the same way again.