Monday, October 29, 2012

Her Daisy Dukes Are on Fire!

The picture below was ostensibly that of an Alabama sorority girl and a Tea Party member.  However, according to info courteous of

"Her name is Kim Stafford. And far from being from Alabama, she grew up in Boston.  She's not in a sorority. The liberal arts university she attends in western Massachusetts doesn't even have a Greek system. (For this interview she asked not to disclose which college she attends because of the threats she's received since the photograph went viral).

And come November she intends to vote for President Barack Obama."

Which makes me wonder. Is this a pretty pathetic, heavy-handed form of satire that manages also to malign a state or group of people that liberals feel is still okay to ridicule, or is this a form of political disinformation that failed miserably.

Most likely it's merely heavy-handed politically incorrect satire.  And probably her liberal arts college could work on its students' spelling and grammar skills.


  1. Just an inept cheap shot from a Masshole.

  2. I thought it was heavy-handed when I saw it. A little liberal chicanery, but lite.

  3. So it was a liberal making fun of conservatives' inability to spell?

  4. It's not known whether this was an inept satire or a deliberate misrepresentation to support some stereotypes that she and others would like to believe in.

    Stereotypes are seldom accurate; but they tend to be rarely revised because they often satisfy certain motives of the possessor. In this case, probably a sense of moral superiority.

    Funny; it was that outed her! Does that count as a double shaming?

  5. What a hoot! Which liberal srts college?

  6. Sadly, the spelling errors are pretty typical of today's college-educated people.