Thursday, February 2, 2012

"The Year of the Bible" in Pennsylvania

Which state legislature recently passed a resulution designating 2012 as "The Year of the Bible"?  (a) Alabama, (b) Texas; (c) Kentucky; (d) Pennsylvania

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania House unanimously declared in a resolution that the year 2012 is “Year of the Bible,” 193-0.

The resolution was introduced by state representative Rick Saccone of Allegheny and Washington Countiesing is probably a violation accepted standards of separating Church and State. And if not, it should be. Here’s an excerpt:
WHEREAS, Deeply held religious convictions springing from the 
holy scriptures led to the early settlement of our country; and
WHEREAS, Biblical teachings inspired concepts of civil 
government that are contained in our Declaration of Independence
 and the Constitution of the United States; and

WHEREAS, Many of our great national leaders, among them
 President Washington, President Jackson, President Lincoln,
 President Wilson and President Reagan, paid tribute to the 
influence of the Bible in our country’s development, as 
exemplified by the words of President Jackson that the Bible is 
“the rock on which our Republic rests”; and

WHEREAS, The history of our country clearly illustrates the
 value of voluntarily applying the teachings of the scriptures in 
the lives of individuals, families and societies; and…
Besides the cheap thrill of pestering the occasional atheist in the Keystone State, don't they have more serious things to do up there?

Oh well,at least our dumbasses in Montgomery didn't do this.  They perform badly enough.


  1. Resolutions like that are strictly for consumption in their home districts. No one wants to be on record as opposed to the Bible. It's an election year; there's going to be some of that posturing going on.

  2. Unconstitutional -- establishes a religion implicitly.

  3. Some legislatures can't leave well enough alone.